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Fulad NAB Tabriz (FNT)

As one of the leaders in private sector of steel industry of Iran registered in Tabriz in 2004 as a foreign investment project for developing the economic and industrial capacities of two neighbor countries, Iran and Turkey.
Fulad NAB Tabriz Co. (FNT) has located at 35th km of west of Tabriz with 170,000 sq. meter area and 46,500 sq. meter covered area including hot rolling mills,shop, warehouses and administration and management buildings Construction of production plant started in spring of 2005 and installing the machines and facilities finished after about one year and commissioning of production line started at summer of 2006.

Mojtama Navard NAB Azarbaijan (MNNA)

Construction and erection works of MNNA started in 2010 as expansion and modernization project for increasing the annual total production capacity to 360,000 ton.In 2014 at the modernization automation of reheating furnace, Flameles burners of furnace, Universal stands have been adopted to MNNA line.
MNNA is one of the biggest manufacturers of constructional steel channel and beam profiles in Iran. This company produce and delivery of wide range of angles,UE channels and IPE channels according to national and international standards attention to increasing the customers and consumers satisfaction level by deploying the principles of production and business in the market has succeed to known as a grand brand in the steel market and industries of Iran.


About Us > History
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