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FNT’s hot rolling lines with annual capacity of 360,000 ton includes reheating furnaces, roughing and finish stands, cooling beds, straightening machines, finishing facilities and automatic packing units. Hot rolling line is completely automatized such as adjustable finish speeds..

Production lines of FNT are charged with 100-150 mm in 4000-6000 mm length billets by full automated pusher type furnace. Temperature and pressure of furnaces are controlled by automation system for preventing the loss of energy and decreasing the surface oxidation.

Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance are carried out under responsibility of expertized engineers to keep the unexpected shut downs of both rolling lines at the minimum level.

The first rolling line has 1 reversible roughing stand and 8 continuous stands for producing angles in the range of 30-80 mm.

the second line has 8 roughing continuous stands and 8 finishing stands for producing UE , IPE channels in the range 80-160 mm. this line is able to produce equal angles in the range 80-100 mm. This second line has a cooling bed with 20×102 m. dimension. Products cut off into exact length by hot shears before transferring on cooling bed.

Straightening machines have been designed for straightening of light-medium sections at the both lines. These machines have coaxial 11 rolls with 700 mm diameter. Bending and curvature of material are eliminated and straightened by passing the products through straightening rolls.

In order to increase the quality of packing, 2 automatic packing machines have been considered at the finish lines. Both lines have expertized engineers for quality control of finished products and raw materials.

A closed water circle has a pool with 2,000 m3 supplies the required water of hot rolling line and preventing the pollution of environment by industrial water.


About Us > Production plants
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