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Playing a basic role in economic and industrial development of country and improving the quality of life.

- Basic role in economic and industrial development of Country By manufacturing steel products as one of the strategic products, we want to play and important role in development of our country

- Improvement of life quality

By manufacturing steel products and help to increase the national gross production, we improve the life quality of staffs and doing to our social responsibilities


-One of the main manufacturers of finished steel products in country

-Perfect in quality of products in country

-A knowledge-based company with ability of manufacturing the new products according to national and international standards


Quality policy of FNT

Fulad NAB Tabriz with help of God and enjoying of experience of staffs fulfill himself responsible to manufacture hot rolled steel beams, angles and channels in a wide range of dimensions according to international standards and customer requirements.

Company management is always trying to meet customer requirements and occupational health and safety of staffs and environmental management by implementing special precautions.

To reach these targets, integrated management system has been implemented with following statements:

1-Attention to quality requirements and roles for health and safety and environmental aspects and other roles in connection with activities and services of company.

2-Production according to specified standards and on-time delivery to customers.

3-Continous improvement of processes and their effectiveness for increasing the requirements and satisfaction of customers.

4-Application of right methods for optimizing energy consumption, decreasing the wastes and scraps.

5-Development and enhancing the level of skills, health and safety and environmental management with training courses.

6-Attempt to create a safe working environment with recognizing the risks and evaluating and control the risks with doing predictive correction actions.

7-Effective and active participation of staffs in quality, health, safety and environment management for reaching to specified targets by integrated management.


About Us > Mission,Vision and Targets
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Mission,Vision and Targets
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